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About PMGs

The professional membership groups affiliated with MHA and MHA Health Institute function as mission-driven, professional organizations that provide continuing education, networking, advocacy, professional development and leadership opportunities.

Collectively, PMGs are made up of nearly 2,000 members who are health care professionals and volunteers working within hospitals and health systems and are associated with health care organizations across the state. MHA serves these members and thousands more with education, networking, advocacy and other valuable benefits.

A list of PMGs and PMG liaisons is available.

How PMGs Operate

PMG Organizational Structure

PMGs are organized under the MHA Health Institute’s corporate umbrella and must comply with MHI’s tax-exempt status.

PMG Organizational Structure












PMG Operations

PMG operations are supported through their own resources as approved by their boards. Dues, and in some cases educational programs and sponsorships, provide the income to support PMG activities.


PMG Governance

PMGs are managed by member-elected officers and directors. A PMG’s board is responsible for supervising the general operations of the chapter and ensures that the PMG is meeting its goals and objectives. The Operating Guidelines define the expectations of the PMG and its activities. This guide is designed to help PMGs structure and manage their organizations so that they can be successful in meeting their goals and objectives.

PMGs develop their own operating guidelines in which they define the following.

  • mission and objectives
  • membership categories and eligibility
  • membership dues
  • chapter affiliations, if any
  • composition of board, and process for nomination and election to board and officer positions
  • frequency the board will meet
  • what constitutes a quorum
  • structure and composition of committees


Mission & Objectives

As outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding, the primary function of a PMG is to provide networking opportunities and educational programs for its members. PMGs further define their purpose, vision, structure and operations in their Operating Guidelines. The Operating Guidelines are the roadmap that allows the group to follow the charted course. As objectives change (and with board approval), PMGs are asked to submit changes to their Operating Guidelines to MHA’s Legal Services. The Operating Guidelines will be reviewed for continuity, and then approved and filed.


National Organization Affiliation (if applicable)

Some PMGs are state chapters of national organizations, such as PMGs of the American Hospital Association. In this case, the PMG has certain requirements for affiliation with the national organization. The PMG is responsible for understanding and meeting the requirements set forth by the corresponding national organization.


Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding between the PMG, MHA and MHI is executed annually following the election of PMG officers. The MOU outlines the terms and conditions of the mutual support and services provided. It describes the obligations of the parties and provides examples of activities in which a PMG should not engage to preserve MHI’s tax-exempt status. A template of the MOU is available.

MHA Services


MHA provides PMGs with the following general support services at no charge.

  • maintenance of PMG financial records, audits and tax filings
  • maintenance of PMG membership lists, membership applications and general membership information, preparation and mailing of dues statements, collection and processing dues
  • a staff liaison to assist in managing the group and providing oversight to ensure compliance with MHI’s tax-exempt status
  • administrative support for board meetings, elections and general management of the group
  • preparation of routine correspondence
  • review and distribution of newsletters to members (newsletter must be prepared by the PMG)
  • opportunity to program at MHA’s Annual Convention

Costs of services and resources provided by MHA outside of those outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding are charged to the groups according to MHA’s rates.


Representation & Advocacy

Legislative and regulatory issues important to PMGs are addressed in concert with MHA advocacy and public policy activities. Each group has a liaison designated by MHA with whom all issues and activities are coordinated. Because the PMGs are 501(c)(3) organizations, members may lobby as individuals but should not lobby as a representative of the PMG. PMGs serve as an early issue identification resource, provide technical expertise and participate in MHA’s grassroots advocacy initiatives, as MHA represents the interests of its members in the legislative and executive branches of federal, state and local governments. MHA staff coordinates federal advocacy initiatives with AHA and provides leadership in the Missouri General Assembly by supporting legislation beneficial to the hospital community and opposing legislation that is detrimental to Missouri’s hospitals.


Opportunities for Continuing Education

Professional educational opportunities for PMGs include annual conferences, exhibitions, professional development/education, leadership programs, professional certification programs, virtual programs and more. MHA’s Health Institute can assist PMGs in developing, planning and presenting education programs, events, trade shows and much more. Many PMGs also program at MHA’s Annual Convention, which is held annually in November. MHA provides each group with discounts that may be used toward educational programming.

Responsibility for these is outlined in the MOU Template. PMGs must always follow MHA’s process for purchasing legal and contractual agreements. When in doubt, always ask your PMG Liaison, Specialist or MHA’s Legal Counsel.

Important Dates

2022 Dues Renewal Dates

  • MHCEA: Tuesday, Nov. 22
  • MCA, MOAHQ, HACHCA, MASWLHC: Tuesday, Nov. 29
  • MSHHRA, MAHPRM, MOMSP: Tuesday, Dec. 6
  • MSHCA, MAHPMM, MAHVRP: Tuesday, Dec. 13
  • MOSHE: Tuesday, Dec. 20

*MONL invoices will be handled through The Nursing Network


2022 PMG Leaders Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Via Microsoft Teams or
call in (audio only)
+1 660-631-8085,,720772039#   United States, Marshall
Phone Conference ID: 720 772 039#

Contact An Expert

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Bryant McNally

Vice President of Membership Services and Rural Initiatives

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Pam Dykstra

Pam Dykstra

PMG Specialist

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