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Medicaid Expansion

Thank you for expanding Medicaid in Missouri

On Aug. 4, Missourians voted to expand Medicaid and deliver health care to thousands of Missourians. Missouri is the 38th state to take this action.

This is a victory for all Missourians, but voters’ approval marks a beginning of the implementation phase. As a community of hospitals, MHA is committed to working with all partners moving forward to build a better program for this newly covered population, as well as for all Missourians enrolled in Medicaid, and for taxpayers.

Thank you for your incredible efforts to promote voting Yes on Amendment 2!

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Get Involved

Volunteering is a critical part of seeing Medicaid expansion become a reality.

The Yes on 2: Healthcare for Missouri team is looking for volunteers to help drive Missourians to the polls. To volunteer, fill out the team’s online form and indicate how you’d like to get involved.

To learn more, contact K.J. McDonald at or 417-396-2358.

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