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Through advocacy, MHA represents the interests of our members in the legislative and executive branches of federal and state governments.

MHA staff collaborates with the American Hospital Association on federal advocacy initiatives and engages with the Missouri General Assembly to support beneficial legislation and oppose detrimental proposals.

MHA’s governmental relations staff also interacts with federal and state officials to shape the regulatory activities of many federal and state agencies. This involves analyzing rules and regulations proposed by federal and state agencies, and providing comments where appropriate.

To help serve the varying needs of our member hospitals, MHA has created constituency groups to help staff in advocating health policies. In sharing their expertise with MHA, these groups are helping to shape public policy for the health care community.

Summary of the 2020 Session of the Missouri General Assembly

The Missouri General Assembly’s 2020 legislative session ended Friday, May 15. This issue brief describes the outcomes of various legislative proposals affecting hospitals and health care. The governor has until Tuesday, July 14, to approve or veto most of these enacted bills. Gubernatorial action on appropriations bills very likely will occur before Wednesday, July 1, the start of the state fiscal year. MHA appreciates all of the support its membership provided to advance our advocacy efforts.


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Daniel Landon

Daniel Landon

Senior Vice President of Governmental Relations

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Missouri Health Matters is an online community of thousands of Missourians dedicated to improving health care in the state. Missouri Health Matters’ goal is to provide news and research to help our community build a better understanding of the issues and to offer tools to help you make a difference.

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