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Healing Happens Here Toolkit


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Kendra Hanauer

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A hospital and clinic’s primary mission is to ensure safe, appropriate and quality care for patients. Since 2016, MHA staff has been cultivating resources to assist members with creating safe care environments. S.A.F.E.R. resources intersect the interactions of patients and their families, the hospital workforce and the community to create a coordinated effort for improving the safety and quality of care.

To help hospitals and clinics communicate appropriate and expected behavior in care settings, MHA is providing patient-facing resources using the theme Healing Happens Here. The new resources are available in both English and Spanish, and can be co-branded for use throughout the hospital or clinic. To co-brand the PDFs, download the file, and view in Adobe Acrobat (not in browser). Click in the bottom right corner to launch an image browsing window to select your desired logo for placement.

It is essential that, as a community of hospitals and clinics, we set expectations about appropriate conduct. The Healing Happens Here resources are designed to reinforce the shared role of safe care among patients, visitors and their caregivers. They send a visual signal about the attitudes and behaviors expected in Missouri hospitals and clinics.

These resources have been crafted to avoid misinterpretation that could deter patients from seeking needed care in hospitals’ emergency departments. Additional guidance about hospitals’ responsibilities under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act is available.

Thank you for all you do to deliver high-quality patient care in a safe environment.

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Hospital-Specific Examples

Sample Social Posts

We know it can be stressful visiting the hospital. Let our staff know what we can do to better your experience.

Our staff is here to provide the best medical care to you and your loved ones with kindness and respect in a healing environment. Healing happens at [hospital name].

Healing happens at [hospital name]. Let us know how we can make your experience better.

Safety for our patients and staff is a top priority at [hospital name].

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