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MHA’s 99th Annual Virtual Convention

MHA’s 99th Annual Convention will be held exclusively online to ensure the health and safety of our attendees. This year, we’re focusing on harnessing change achieved through adversity, opportunity and the perspective that hospitals must continually evolve in response to unpredictable, external forces. We look forward to being together Nov. 3-5, to learn from one another, as well as celebrate a year of hospitals providing exceptional care and leading communities through seismic change.

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Missouri’s COVID-19 Response

As Missouri hospitals continue their historic response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MHA released a report reflecting on hospitals’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic thus far — from early 2020 through June 2021. The report shares current best practices, identifies opportunities for improvement, and memorializes hospitals’ contributions to the response and recovery.


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MHA Newsletters
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COVID-19 Update

View MHA's COVID-19 update for recent developments, resources, data and information.

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MHA Today

MHA Today provides timely, high-quality health care news content on state and federal legislation, regulations, health law and health information technology.

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Quality & Safety Update

The Quality & Safety Update provides information on currently quality improvement projects, resources and quality reporting.

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Trustee Matters

Trustee Matters highlights important health care topics, with special attention to emerging issues in health management and governance.

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