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Missouri Maternal-Infant Health

Despite Missouri’s high rate of maternal mortality and pregnancy-related harm, progress is being made. A new report describes the efforts of stakeholders in both clinical and community settings across Missouri to improve evidence-based care and support during, after and between pregnancy to reduce harm.


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Summary of the 2021 Session of the Missouri General Assembly

The 2021 state legislative session ended May 14. MHA published an issue brief summarizing the outcomes of legislative proposals affecting hospitals and health care. They include newly enacted bills to help hospitals fulfill their missions and the blocking of adverse legislative proposals. MHA staff appreciates our members’ work to help us advocate on their behalf.

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MHA Newsletters
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COVID-19 Update

View MHA's COVID-19 update for recent developments, resources, data and information.

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MHA Today

MHA Today provides timely, high-quality health care news content on state and federal legislation, regulations, health law and health information technology.

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Quality & Safety Update

The Quality & Safety Update provides information on currently quality improvement projects, resources and quality reporting.

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Trustee Matters

Trustee Matters highlights important health care topics, with special attention to emerging issues in health management and governance.

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