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Medicaid Reverification

Medicaid annual renewals will begin on April 1, 2023.

Hospital Guidance

MHA produced a working document, “PHE Unwinding: The Reverification of Medicaid Participant Eligibility,” that summarizes actions to take and resources available for hospitals to help their Medicaid-covered patients avoid becoming uninsured as a result of the upcoming unwinding.

Last updated: March 3, 2023


Spread the Word

Educating Medicaid participants about the resumption of Medicaid eligibility verification, and encouraging them to update their contact information with the state, is critically important. Hospitals can help by spreading the word among patients.

Hospitals can help patients reverify their Medicaid eligibility using the following resources.

  • Consider sharing the state’s outreach material with your community to raise awareness.
  • Remind Medicaid participants to update their mailing address, cell phone number and email address with the Family Support Division, and help those who might need assistance.
  • Watch for updates from MHA and DSS.

Estimated Medicaid Cases Due for Reverification by County

Below are MHA’s estimates of the number of Medicaid cases that FSD is planning to reverify by month. Note these are ESTIMATES that are meant to give a general sense of the volume of reverification activity throughout the next 14 months by county. These estimates were prepared by MHA staff using data from the FSD Reverification Distribution Plan and from the current number of participants reported in the DSS Monthly Management Report for January 2024. Also, please note these are estimates of “cases” to be reverified, and a case may include more than one participant. For example, a mother, father and child who each qualify for Medicaid will be reverified at the same time, as a single case.

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