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Boards & Committees

MHA Board of Trustees

The primary functions of the MHA Board of Trustees are to make policy decisions and fiduciary oversight for the association. MHA’s Board of Trustees serve over the MHA Health Institute and the Hospital Industry Data Institute.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for defining the scope of the audit, selecting the independent auditor, engaging the audit firm, and receiving and reviewing the Report of Auditors prior to presentation to the boards.

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Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee considers changes to the MHA bylaws proposed by the MHA staff, members and those resulting from the committee’s own discussions. MHA’s chair officer appoints the committee whose recommendations are forwarded to the MHA Board of Trustees. The board considers the recommendations and determines whether to forward the recommendations or a modified version of the recommendations to the MHA membership. The MHA membership has the ultimate authority under the bylaws to approve or disapprove recommended changes to the bylaws.

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Finance and Budget Committee

The Finance and Budget Committee reviews MHA’s financial matters and makes recommendations to the MHA Board of Trustees for its approval. The committee is responsible for preparing an annual budget and presentation to the MHA Board of Trustees for approval. It reviews the budget during the operating period for which it was prepared.

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Investment Committee

The Investment Committee reviews MHA’s investments and meets with investment managers to ensure compliance with MHA’s investment policy. It provides reports to the Finance and Budget Committee and MHA Board of Trustees.

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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee makes nominations for the offices of Chair-Elect and At-Large Trustees. The committee makes necessary reports to MHA and assists in carrying out the election of the Chair-Elect and the At-Large Trustees at annual or special meetings.

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MHA Management Services Corporation

MHA Management Services Corporation is a wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of MHA. MSC develops and provides high-quality, market-driven programs and services to hospitals in Missouri and nationwide, on a self-sustaining basis, to enhance hospitals’ effectiveness.

FRA Policy Committee

The Federal Reimbursement Policy Committee was created to enhance the MSC Board of Directors’ oversight of the FRA program so that it may better fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities. The 19-member committee reports to the MSC board and is comprised of a combination of senior executives from participating hospitals that are FRA pool contributors and hospitals that are pool recipients. The committee provides regular oversight of the FRA program’s policies, procedures and management, and offers appropriate recommendations to the MSC board for action.

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