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Mid-Response Assessment: Missouri Hospitals' Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


Jackie Gatz

Jackie Gatz

Senior Vice President of Quality, Safety and Research





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Since January 2020, Missouri hospitals have expended tremendous resources and effort to prepare for and respond to COVID-19, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. Through early recognition and plan activation, the study of disease transmission to properly protect patients and staff, and preparing for an influx of patients who are seeking treatment, Missouri health care leaders faced challenges, identified solutions and established best practices to manage clinical cases and hospital operations.

To collect these lessons learned, and develop technical assistance and education to support the ongoing response to COVID-19, the Missouri Hospital Association conducted a member survey in July 2020. Hospitals were encouraged to submit multiple responses in an effort to gain perspective from a variety of disciplines responsible for both clinical and operational procedures. Because every question could not be completed by all survey participants, individuals were encouraged to skip questions that did not pertain to their area of expertise.

A PDF with complete information, including graphs and tables, is available.

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Speaker Series

The COVID-19 Lessons Learned from Missouri Hospitals is a speaker series that reflects on COVID-19 and its impact on Missouri hospitals, while looking forward to help prepare for what may yet come. Webinar recordings and fact sheets are available on a variety of topics related to COVID-19.

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