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Female Doctor The goal of every hospital is to maximize patient-centered, efficient quality of care, while reducing financial costs and penalties. This “Triple Aim” approach has the goals of improving the individual experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita costs of care for populations. The transformative changes in health care today are challenging, yet Missouri’s hospitals are poised to build on the success of the hospital engagement network. The work continues. A focused strategy to reduce variation and improve care is underway. MHA and Missouri hospital leaders and providers are poised to lead the efforts in every Missouri community for better health, better care, and lower costs.

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Trajectories is a quarterly publication of MHA focusing on progress in quality and population health efforts.

  • The March 2020 issue focuses on integrating social determinants of health into care delivery.

  • The December 2019 issue outlines Missouri's high rate of maternal mortality, and highlights programs and organizations working to prevent and mitigate severe maternal morbidity and mortality in Missouri.
  • The September 2019 issue highlights strategies to reduce workplace violence to achieve the quadruple aim.
  • The May 2019 issue focuses on neonatal abstinence syndrome.

  • The December 2018 issue focuses on trauma-informed care to improve health and resiliency.
  • The September 2018 issue describes a medication first treatment model for opioid use disorder.
  • The May 2018 issue provides targeted initiatives to implement population health management.
  • The March 2018 issue focuses on broadening the culture of safety and addressing workplace violence.

  • The December 2017 issue highlights ED utilization trends and strategies to address care delivery.
  • The September 2017 issue provides strategies for implementing population health programs.
  • The July 2017 issue discusses this problem of opioid use and abuse.
  • The March 2017 issue highlights integrated infection control strategies.

  • The November 2016 issue highlights Missouri hospital successes in achieving the Triple Aim of better health and better care at lower costs.
  • The September 2016 issue discusses how to spot, treat and survive sepsis.
  • The July 2016 issue highlights the importance of diabetes management.
  • The May 2016 issue highlights the importance of hospital preparedness.
  • The March 2016 issue discusses how opioids are a population health dilemma.
  • The January 2016 issue highlights the importance of enhancing quality of care through care coordination.

Quality & Safety Update

The Quality & Safety Update provides health care professionals with up-to-date information on current quality improvement projects, resources and quality reporting. The newsletter also highlights announcements and upcoming events that could benefit your organization.

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