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Population Health

Despite a variety of definitions, population health is about managing the health of a defined population by providing appropriate iterative interventions in the care continuum.

Population health is not a new concept; however, it has attracted renewed interest across the health care industry as a way to deliver better care at lower costs. Health care leaders view population health as critical to future success and an opportunity to improve control of clinical costs, quality and outcomes. Having pragmatic and innovative approaches to achieve value-based performance is essential in maximizing resources.


Where we live has a huge impact on our health. By examining targeted health data specific to a particular county or ZIP code, we are able to identify issues and take action to help create and sustain a healthier Missouri.

The exploreMOhealth website was created in partnership between the Hospital Industry Data Institute and the MHA Health Institute. By combining their resources, they have created one of the most unique health-related datasets in the country, offering both county- and ZIP code-level data. Data is the key to diagnosing and addressing some of our region’s most pressing health issues, and by making this information available to the public, both organizations are furthering their missions to improve health and the health care system.


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MHA Reports

Population Health Assessment: 2023 Survey Results

The Missouri Hospital Association recently completed its 2023 Population Health Assessment Survey — an important tool for hospitals and health systems to evaluate their progress in transitioning to a value-based environment. This report summarizes the survey results statewide and by hospital type, and the information derived from this survey will be used as a basis for driving MHA’s population health improvement strategy.


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