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MHA maintains Missouri’s license for the Juvare EMResource and eICS applications, and is able to offer access to hospitals and health care coalitions throughout Missouri.

Missouri hospitals and health care organizations utilize these applications for organizational and regional response coordination.

MHA maintains the statewide license for these applications through funding from the ASPR Hospital Preparedness Program, CFDA 93.889, through a subcontract with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.


EMResource was initially adopted in Missouri as a tool to monitor and coordinate bed availability and hospital diversion status between health care organizations, emergency medical services and dispatch centers.  With the implementation of the Hospital Preparedness Program in 2002, EMResource was adopted statewide as the platform to collect and submit federal HavBED (Hospital Available Beds in Emergencies and Disasters).  As Missouri’s health care preparedness program has developed, the application has expanded in functionality and continues to evolve as statewide health care coordination needs are identified.



eICS (electronic incident command system) was developed by Missouri health care leaders as an organizational-based tool to assist hospitals with the management of emergency incidents within their individual facilities to include staff notification.  Today, use of the eICS system has evolved to support the communication and coordination needs of health care organizations in a regional or statewide response.  The tool can be utilized for both real-world and exercise/drill communications, response and coordination.

eICS allows users to:

  • initiate event notifications
  • manage incidents virtually
  • assign, track and notify staff of ICS positions
  • monitor event log information
  • access HICS forms and job action sheets
  • message incident participants
  • manage tasks/objectives

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Carissa Van Hunnik

Carissa Van Hunnik

Manager of Emergency Preparedness/Coalition Administrative Liaison

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