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Innovative Care Delivery Models for Children with Asthma in Missouri


Mat Reidhead

Mat Reidhead

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The June issue of HIDI HealthStats focused on hospital utilization for asthma by children in Missouri. The findings revealed that asthma is the most commonly diagnosed chronic condition for Missouri children; the number and rate of emergency department visits for children with asthma increased significantly during the 10-year study period; low-income Missouri children face a disproportionate burden from asthma; and more than 1 in 10 children who visit an ED for asthma experience a return visit within 90 days.

This month’s issue focuses on innovations designed to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for children with asthma in Missouri from the hospital, provider, education, law-making and public health communities in the state. This month, nearly 900,000 students will return to Missouri’s public primary and secondary school systems. During the 2014 to 2015 school year, 10 percent of these students were reported to be using medication to control asthma at home or at school. With more than 10 million school days missed in the U.S. every year because of the disease, asthma is one of the major drivers of absenteeism for students.

School nurses in Missouri work with hospitals, universities, the Missouri Asthma Prevention and Control Program, policymakers and community stakeholders to develop innovative approaches to improve health outcomes and safety for Missouri school children with asthma.

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