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COVID-19 Update | June 8, 2021



COVID-19 Update


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This report from the Missouri Hospital Association is designed to help you stay abreast of recent developments related to COVID-19.

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North-Central Missouri Currently Is The Hottest COVID-19 Spot In The U.S.

Staff Contact: Mat Reidhead or Jackie Gatz

Putnam, Livingston and Linn counties in north-central Missouri currently hold the first-, second- and fourth-highest rates (respectively) of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents out of more than 3,000 counties throughout the U.S. On average, there were 5.3 new cases per 100,000 residents in the U.S. last week, while in Putnam County the rate was 127.8 — more than 24 times the national average.

Local public health officials in the affected counties attribute the outbreak to several factors, including vaccine hesitancy, presence of the Delta variant that recently swept through India, and gatherings related to high school graduation and Mother’s Day. As of June 7, 45% of Missouri adults have completed vaccination against COVID-19; however, the rates of vaccination in the affected counties are far lower. Only 23% of Putnam County adults have completed the vaccine series, and only 12 doses were administered countywide last week. In Livingston and Linn counties, 30% of adults have been fully vaccinated while just more than 300 combined doses were given last week.

Important public health tools to contain the outbreak in north-central Missouri include enhanced testing, contact tracing, masking, physical distancing and hand hygiene. However, the most powerful tool is vaccination, which now is available to anyone aged 12 or older. If you are one of the approximately 70% of the population in these counties who has not yet sought out vaccination against COVID-19 — a disease that has prematurely claimed the lives of 600,000 Americans — please do so immediately. For information on where to find a vaccine near you, visit the state’s Vaccine Navigator tool at

North-Central Missouri Currently the Hottest COVID Spot in the U.S.



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