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Applying the Science of Change Management to Health Care Transformation


Jill Williams

Jill Williams

Vice President of Workforce Development





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The health care industry is experiencing an unprecedented transformation that is driven by changing consumer expectations, escalating competition from both traditional providers and new entrants, increasing demand for skilled talent in a shrinking labor market, aging populations, and payer/regulatory reform. Health care providers that thrive in the future will look significantly different than those in existence today. Having the capability to lead transformational change has never been so important.

Hear about Mercy’s transformational Strategy 2025 and how this innovative health care leader is transforming how it serves to ensure essentiality and resiliency well into the future. Discover how Mercy is approaching change management, embedding this discipline in all of its transformational programs, and equipping nurse, provider and physician leaders with the capabilities, knowledge and tools to thrive.


Betty Jo Rocchio, M.S., BSN, CRNA, CENP
Chief Nursing Optimization Officer
Mercy Health ACO, LLC
Chesterfield, Mo.

Tracey Grimshaw
Chief Organizational Effectiveness Officer
Mercy Health ACO, LLC
Chesterfield, Mo.

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