Improvement Sprints

A practical process for focused work and rapid implementation, Improvement Sprints are a simple way to learn new skills, build or change habits, and amplify impact by applying concentrated effort to generate improvement over a short period of time. Improvement Sprints provide guidance in policy development, address drift and help organizations get back on track, provide technical and educational resources, and support implementation of best practices around a given topic. Each sprint engages the Triple Aim framework of better health, better care and lower costs to improve clinical quality, safety and population health. Participants are assigned a sprint mentor, national subject matter expertise and the opportunity to share across their cohort, which provides a strong platform for rapid adoption and sustainability of best practices.

  • UP Intervention Sprint

The UP Intervention Sprint is a simple, easy-to-accomplish activity for all staff to use with every patient. UP is a low-cost, low-effort, high-value intervention that, if used consistently, may result in a positive impact on your organization’s value-based purchasing program. From federal fiscal year 2019 through FFY 2022, five of the six VBP safety measures align directly with an UP component. In addition, UP can support improvement under the Readmissions Reduction Program and Patient Safety Indicator-90. The UP Intervention also represents an opportunity to improve the patient care experience by mitigating safety issues and engaging patients and families who can provide important information regarding sedation, infection risks, personal infection prevention strategies and medication effects. Improvements through an UP Intervention Sprint will have a lasting effect on future health care delivery.

Throughout each patient interaction and documentation of care, staff should ask the following three questions.

  1. Is my patient awake enough to get up?
  2. Have I protected my patient against infections?
  3. Does my patient require medication changes? 

UP Intervention

Script UP:

Soap UP:

Get UP:

Wake UP: