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MHA Celebrates

100 Years of Helping Hospitals

MHA: 100 years of helping hospitals

This year, MHA is proud to celebrate
100 years of helping hospitals.

Founded in 1922, MHA — like health care and hospitals — has experienced profound change throughout the last century. But one thing remains constant: the organization’s commitment to Missouri’s hospitals and improving the health of the communities they serve. Just as communities rely on hospitals in times of great need, hospitals can rely on the steadfast support of this association.

Now more than ever, as we reflect on our past and look toward our future, we invite you to join us as we honor these essential institutions and continue the fight for good health for all.

A historical record of the association has been published providing an overview of how hospitals and their interactions with MHA have evolved over the years.


To celebrate 100 years of helping hospitals, MHA is soliciting 100 stories of individuals representing our hospitals. Every health care worker has an important story to tell. We want to share these extraordinary stories — not only from front-line caregivers, but everyone from plant engineers to phlebotomists, and auxilians to administrators. Each person contributes to the essential work done every day.

Use our online submission form to submit your story or submit one on behalf of another person. MHA will share these stories throughout the year and will share them collectively as we wrap up our centennial celebration at MHA’s Annual Convention in November.

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“The Missouri Hospital Association acknowledges that good health is a right of all Americans and not a privilege to be enjoyed only by the affluent and recognizes that the health of its individual citizens is the paramount consideration for the health of the state of Missouri. The Missouri Hospital Association, therefore, pledges its collective efforts and the efforts of its individual members toward providing the best institutional care; cooperation in all phases of prevention, treatment and care of disease, injury and infirmity; and continuing emphasis on technological advances and operating efficiencies to make the fullest extent of care within the economic reach of all.”

— MHA Constitution, adopted in 1966

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