Visionary Leadership Award

Visionary Leadership Award 

Missouri’s hospitals and health systems increasingly have embraced various strategies to improve health, clinical and safety outcomes of the patients and communities they serve. The Visionary Leadership Award recognizes innovative service and program initiatives led by the nominee. This award does not focus on building or service line expansion.

Recognizing outstanding achievements in clinical and health outcomes, this award will be presented at MHA’s annual convention to a hospital or health system chief executive whose organization has demonstrated sustained improvements in clinical and health outcomes. This year, one winner will be recognized.

2019 Nominations
The deadline to submit nominations for the 2019 Visionary Leadership Award was May 3.  

The 2019 Visionary Leadership Award winner will be announced at MHA’s 97th Annual Convention & Trade Show scheduled Nov. 6-8, 2019, at Margaritaville Lake Resort (formerly Tan-Tar-A Resort) in Osage Beach, Mo. 

Visionary Leadership Award Winners
2018 — Darren Bass
2017 — Laureen K. Tanner
2016 — Ranee C. Brayton and Jeffrey A. Johnston
2015 — John M. Dawes and Col. Peter Nielsen
2014 — Sean J. Hogan and Thomas Keim
2013 — Todd Krass and Ronald A. Ott
2012 — Leah Osbahr and Gary W. Pulsipher
2011 — Marcia R. Dial and James M. Sanger
2010 — David Carpenter and Steven Bjelich
2009 — Denny DeNarvaez and Ed Farnsworth
2008 — Paula Baker and John Grossmeier
2007 — Joseph W. Crossett and James W. Wente
2006 — Crystal Haynes and Wesley E. Murray
2005 — Nancy C. Arnold and Michele Schaefer
2004 — G. Richard Hastings and Michael E. Henze
2003 — John W. Bluford and John W. Richmond
2002 — Gary R. Olson and Michael B. Shirk
2001 — Ralf Salke (Rural) and Kevin F. Kast (Urban)
2000 — Randy S. Wertz (Rural) and Gary D. Duncan (Urban)
1999 — Donald J. Babb (Rural) and Lowell C. Kruse (Urban)