Preceptor Academy

two nurses_smallHospital staff vacancy and turnover are at record levels. Your organization doesn’t have to be a statistic. Trained preceptors can make the difference. Preceptors are vital to the success of our health care organizations and workforce retention. The Missouri Preceptor Academy is a program designed for registered nurses and allied health clinicians to gain the training necessary to guide new employees, recent graduates and students through the onboarding and competence validation process. Preceptor programs have been shown to reduce turnover and the high costs associated with hiring and retaining staff. The Missouri Preceptor Academy is offered at multiple venues, so register for the event closest to your hospital to save time and money!

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Dates and Locations

Central Missouri Areas

Tuesday, Oct. 16
Fitzgibbon Hospital
2305 South Highway 65
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Kansas City Metro Area

Wednesday, Oct. 24
Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare
1600 N. Second Street
Clinton, Mo.
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Thursday, Nov. 1
Centerpoint Medical Center
19600 East 39th Street
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St. Louis Metro Area

Monday, Nov. 12
BJC Learning Institute
Lower Level Auditorium
8300 Eager Rd.
St. Louis
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Preceptor Newsletters

Preceptor News is a monthly newsletter for participants in the Preceptor academies. The articles in Preceptor News provide nurses and health professionals serving as preceptors with tips and advice in mentoring new nurses and health care employees. For past issues not listed below, please contact Jean Klindt.

2018 Issues

September: Missouri Preceptors in the Literature
August: The Importance of Preceptee Socialization
July: Warning: Not all New Graduate Nurses are Alike
June: The Importance of Commitment in Precepting
May: Patience
April: Building a Preceptee's Trust
March: The Practice of Self Reflection
February: Successful Preceptors
January: Preceptors and EBP

2017 Issues

December: Putting the J-O-Y in Practice
November: The Multigenerational Nursing Workforce
October: Literature Update
September: The Dilemma of Information Overload
August: Minority Growing Pains: Men in Nursing
July: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
June: Preceptors' Role in Process Improvement
May: What is mindfulness?
April: Protecting Our Preceptee's From Violence
March: Moral Distress in Nursing
February: Multitasking vs. Single-Tasking
January: How Can We Positively Impact Professional Behavior?