MHA’s Media Room is an information resource for association members, the media and the public focusing on recent developments in health care and issues related to Missouri’s hospital community.

MHA News
News from MHA is available on the News Releases page of MHAnet.

MHA Talking Points
Members-only talking points are available on a variety of topics.

MHA Research
MHA publishes original research to advance public policy on health care related issues in Missouri. MHA research is generally announced with a news release.

Contact Us
MHA subject matter experts are available to discuss various hospital and health care related issues with the media. If you have a news-related inquiry, please contact Dave Dillon, MHA Vice President of Public and Media Relations, at 573/893-3700 to facilitate an interview.

Photos of MHA staff are located in the Staff Directory. High-resolution images are available upon request.

  • Member Resources

MHA's experienced communications staff assists members with crisis management, media relations, media planning and public relations.

MHA developed a guide for releasing patient information to the news media to encourage a cooperative flow of information between hospitals and the media, to standardize protocol for releasing information from hospitals and to ensure patients’ rights to privacy are consistent with applicable law.

Growing interest in health care, coupled with the increase of 24-hour newscasts, the Internet and special interest publications, has led to increased media exposure for health care. Therefore, it is important that everyone in the field knows the basics of conducting interviews with members of the media. MHA's "Media Survival Guide - What To Do When The Media Calls" provides individuals who have limited media contact with basic interview skills and guidelines.

The 2020 health care observance calendar, published by the American Hospital Association’s Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, features dates and descriptions of more than 275 health observances. It is the perfect resource for planning and organizing your hospital’s health fairs, community outreach programs and employee recognition events.

2020 Glossary of Health Care Terms and Abbreviations