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Aim for Excellence FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Writing Tips

  1. Start your application early! Allow one week to carefully review before submitting it.
  2. Read each section very carefully. Answer the prompts included in each section.
  3. Although it is first in the application, writing the executive summary last may be easier, and ensure that key application points are summarized into a two-page, stand-alone document. The executive summary will be published in the compendium if a minimum average score of 75 is achieved, even if the application is not the winning application.
  4. Remember that this application is intended to showcase projects, not an overall strategy.
  5. Don’t tell a story — present your case.
  6. Have someone with subject matter expertise, but who is unfamiliar with the project, critically read the application. Ensure they fully understand the project scope, details, and results.
  7. Have someone proficient with grammar and spelling edit the application.
  8. Be careful of the project tense. Use past or current tense, not future.
  9. Short, succinct, fact-based answers are best. Long, lengthy sentences are more difficult to follow. You are encouraged to use dot points when listing items.
  10. It is recommended that you include tables, especially those showing results of your project. Tables may be added in the Appendix or uploaded in the application portal. Be sure that they are clear and easy to read.
  11. Remember to include references.
  12. It is important to include a glossary – some judges may not be clinicians.
  13. Be sure to include national recognition of your project in your results!
  14. Review your final application thoroughly to ensure the hospital/facility name is not referenced.
  15. Review to be sure the application is in final format, i.e. no track changes, highlighting, etc.
  16. Verify that the “Application Category,” “Project Scope” and “COVID-19 Focus” area you select in the online application program is the same as what you have selected on your application.
Tips for Using the Online Application Program
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