Mentoring Toolkit


The Mentoring Toolkit is a special training program containing resources that support the roles of mentor program coordinators, mentors and mentees. The Mentoring Toolkit is designed for use by hospital nurses and allied health professionals; it can be used in new or established mentoring programs. This practical, how-to mentoring guide contains best practices, questions to jump start discussions, resources, checklists and activities.

The Power of Mentoring

Mentors who provide encouragement and support can help others navigate the challenges of working in a hospital setting. A mentor is a good listener who can offer advice and friendship in a trusted relationship.

Mentoring offers the opportunity for:
  • professional enrichment and personal satisfaction
  • socialization
  • career growth, including certification
  • increased knowledge and understanding of shared governance
  • new challenges and opportunities
  • improved hospital culture, productivity and efficiency
  • positive impact on patient care and hospital performance

Mentors are often surprised by how much they also will benefit from the relationship. Click below to access toolkit materials.