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MHA Today | April 22, 2022



MHA Today

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In This Issue

MHA Weekly COVID-19 Update
CMS Releases Proposed FY 2023 Medicare IPPS, LTCH PPS Payment And Policy Updates
HHS Releases Hospital And Nursing Home Ownership Data
CMS Releases HSRs For FY 2023 VBP Program
CMS Releases OQR Claims Detail Reports

MHA Weekly COVID-19 Update

Data from April 14-20, 2022

This summary is intended to provide generalized situational awareness and regional COVID-19 surveillance in Missouri. More granular county-level data from the CDC should be used when making individual decisions about masking and other public health mitigation measures.

Quality & Safety

Before You Go

READ: CMS issued updates to MLN Connects Provider eNews.

ATTEND: CMS “IPFQR Program: Reporting Healthcare Personnel COVID-19 Vaccination Data Refresher” webinar for hospitals participating in the IPFQR program is scheduled at 1 p.m., Wednesday, April 27. Registration is required.

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