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MHA Self-Assessment Checklists — Acute Care Hospitals


Sarah Willson

Sarah Willson

Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs





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MHA has developed self-assessment checklists for acute care hospitals that will aid them with their internal assessments of their compliance with state hospital licensure regulations, Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) for hospitals and the interpretative guidelines to the CoPs. These tools may help hospitals improve staff knowledge of the regulations, decentralize the responsibility for regulatory compliance from the administrative offices to all department managers. In addition, these tools will help staff proactively identify and correct regulatory issues to improve compliance and as well as decrease the number and length of surveys and cited deficiencies.

These checklists are being distributed solely for informational purposes and are not intended to serve as an interpretation to the regulations. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ Division of Regulation and Licensure is responsible for interpreting and enforcing these regulations. If you have questions about the regulations, please contact the appropriate state and/or federal agency.

MHA staff hopes these checklists will assist your hospital in achieving and maintaining continuous survey readiness and compliance with the state hospital licensure regulations and the Medicare CoPs.


Note: Unless otherwise noted, the checklists were last updated in August 2020.

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