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EPICC Statewide Status Report


Billings Shawn   Source

Shawn Billings

Vice President of Substance Use Programming





  • Behavioral Health
  • Opioids
  • Substance Use Disorder


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MHA is honored to provide the EPICC Statewide Status Report on behalf of all the local and state partners that work to connect patients from hospitals to evidence-based substance use treatment and grassroot recovery supports. Collectively, there are 118 unique Missouri agencies (80 active and 38 planning) that are participating in EPICC programming and/or infrastructure development. This broad base of EPICC stakeholders are supported actively by a technical assistance team comprised of an additional 10 agencies — with representation from local and state institutions.

Developing strong links between health care, first responder programs, education, transportation infrastructure, community services, mobile treatment centers, telemedicine support, the justice system and others is critical to providing a rich network of access points to local, regional and state opioid use disorder treatment and recovery support services (e.g. medication-assisted treatment telemedicine).

It is unclear what additional challenges COVID-19 will have on our ability to thoughtfully serve our communities that struggle with OUD. Although, the power of coming together and beginning to discuss how we can improve our systems of care is a necessary first step.

MHA would like to give a special thanks to all the certified peer specialists that make EPICC possible, and share the gift of recovery and fellowship.


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