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Data Submission to TeleTracking


Jessica Stultz

Jessica Stultz

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coronavirus COVID-19 fact sheet

Issue Summary

To inform critical decisions related to COVID-19 response, Missouri hospitals have been submitting data related to patient counts, hospital capacity, personal protective equipment supply and staffing constraints.


Federal Guidance

Several policy decisions have informed Missouri hospital data submission requirements.

In April, Vice President Pence issued national data expectations to direct and inform the measures collected.

In July, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services directed all hospitals to submit data through TeleTracking or an independent state platform. Missouri has adopted TeleTracking to meet this requirement.

In August, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced COVID-19 data submission as a Condition of Participation.

Lessons Learned Speaker Series

The COVID-19 Lessons Learned from Missouri Hospitals is a speaker series that reflects on COVID-19 and its impact on Missouri hospitals, while looking forward to help prepare for what may yet come. A list of upcoming events and past recordings are available.



Daily data submission should be entered by 4 p.m. If daily data submission is not an option due to weekend or holiday coverage, please ensure data is submitted daily during business days and documentation is current as of Friday afternoons. On Monday, please use a retro-submission process to upload Saturday and Sunday data.


Priority Measures

To ensure federal data compliance and accurate daily and weekly reports generated by MHA, state agencies and partner organizations, hospitals are encouraged to prioritize the following measures.

  • Total Hospitalized Confirmed COVID-19 Patients
  • Total Hospitalized Confirmed Adult COVID-19 Patients
  • Total Hospitalized Suspected COVID-19 Patients
  • Total Hospitalized Suspected Adult COVID-19 Patients
  • COVID-19 Patients Using Ventilation
  • ICU Confirmed Adult COVID-19 Patients
  • ICU Suspected Adult COVID-19 Patients
  • Remdesivir Current Inventory
  • Previous Day Admits Confirmed Total Adult
  • Previous Day Admits Suspected Total Adult
  • Previous Day Admits Adult Confirmed by All Age Ranges
  • Previous Day Admits Adult Suspected by All Age Ranges
  • Inpatient Total Beds
  • Inpatient Occupied Beds
  • ICU Total Beds
  • ICU Total Adult Beds
  • ICU Occupied Beds
  • ICU Occupied Adult Beds
  • Mechanical Ventilators Total Inventory
  • Mechanical Ventilators in Use


MHA Resources

MHA and the Hospital Industry Data Institute have secured real-time access to the data submitted by member hospitals to TeleTracking, in addition to other critical information related to COVID-19 impacts. An interactive dashboard has been developed.


MHA Staff Experts

Jessica Stultz, Director of Clinical Quality | 573-893-3700, ext. 1391

Josette Bax, Director of Clinical Program Development | 573-893-3700, ext. 1379

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