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COVID-19 Update | June 29, 2021



COVID-19 Update


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This report from the Missouri Hospital Association is designed to help you stay abreast of recent developments related to COVID-19.

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Led By Hesitation Among Younger Missourians, More Than 1 Million Remain To Reach 70% Vaccine Initiation Target

Staff Contact: Mat Reidhead or Jackie Gatz

President Biden’s goal for 70% of eligible Americans to have initiated vaccination against COVID-19 by the Fourth of July holiday is squarely out of reach in Missouri. Fortunately, more than 70% of Missourians over age 60 who are at the highest risk of severe illness and death have initiated or completed the COVID-19 vaccination series. However, 1,036,298 younger Missourians between ages 12 and 59 would need to initiate the vaccination process to reach 70% of the eligible population in Missouri with full or partial vaccine-induced immunity. Unfortunately, recent demand for the vaccines has been particularly anemic among younger Missourians, where an inverse dose-response between age and initiation rates is evident in the state’s ShowMeVax data. During the last two weeks, an average of 3,339 Missourians between the ages of 12 and 59 have decided to initiate vaccination each day. At that rate, Missouri would not reach the 70% target for another 310 days, or May 2, 2022. With Missouri currently leading the nation in both new cases and cases caused by the more transmissible and virulent Delta variant, it is critical that younger Missourians consider becoming vaccinated to protect themselves, their friends and loved ones against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that has prematurely claimed the lives of more than 600,000 Americans.

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