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COVID-19 guide

Updated: July 19, 2022

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Emergency Response Center: 800-392-0272



  • Health care facilities should continue to place routine orders with their primary PPE supply vendors to maintain the established supply chain and receive allocations from these vendors as the supply chain The State of Missouri maintains an inventory to assist in filling PPE needs when supplies cannot be obtained through normal means. Health care facilities must complete and submit an online PPE order form.



Testing guidance and best practices for COVID-19 are based on evolving evidence, including taking current variants into consideration. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides in-depth resources on the testing for screening, surveillance and diagnostic purposes for the community and in health care facilities.

  • The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services State Public Health Laboratory continues to provide an online order system to request COVID-19 specimen collection The requesting organization may request swabs and viral media (Viral Transport Media, Saline, Universal Transport Media) when their current demand exceeds available resources from their primary and secondary vendors. Please complete the request form in its entirety, including shipping address, as failure to do so may result in shipping delays.
  • DHSS has identified two distributors with adequate supply of ACON Flowflex rapid antigen tests allowing for the reporting of the state’s antigen testing program.



    • The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services continues to provide an online ordering system to request COVID-19 vaccines to enrolled COVID-19 vaccinators. The form must be completed in its entirety and must include your PIN, and provider and clinic name, as listed in your ShowMeVax enrollment.
      • Vaccinators must be enrolled in ShowMeVax as a COVID-19 vaccine provider to receive COVID-19 vaccines. Additional information on enrollment is available.
    • DHSS also provides an online order system to request COVID-19 vaccine administration supplies to enrolled COVID-19 vaccinators. These supplies must be used for COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Please complete the request form in its entirety, including shipping address, as failure to do so may result in shipping delays.



      • As of December 2021, if a hospital has staffing needs, the request must be submitted through WebEOC. For any questions, please contact the DHSS Emergency Response Center at 800-392-0272.
      • A multilayered workforce plan enables hospitals to surge to inpatient capacity. The COVID-19 Surge Staffing Solutions Fact Sheet provides guidance and flexibility in designing the staffing plan hospitals deem most appropriate.
      • The Statewide Hospital Mutual Aid Agreement establishes a coordinated system through which hospitals in Missouri and adjoining states will provide mutual aid to each other, as necessary to support emergency medical care needs in a medical disaster.
      • Qualivis is the nationally recognized and preferred partner for staffing resources in Missouri. They provide a “whole house” workforce solution, access to more than 100 staffing agencies and a streamlined process for the hospitals. For more information, please contact Jan O’Brien, J.D., R.N., Regional Vice President, at or 913-526-4978.



    • DHSS maintains a cache of approximately 740 state-owned portable ventilators for both adults and pediatrics. For a hospital to request a ventilator from the state cache, they must verify that all other ventilator resources have been exhausted or will be within two days, including private market rentals and regional availability from other providers. The state cache is to be viewed as an option of last resort. The recommended request process is outlined below.
      1. Notify your Healthcare Coalition (MHA, MARC, STARRS) of the ventilator need so that an assessment of local assets and validation of the current request can accompany the formal request to the state.
      2. Complete the online ventilator request form:
      3. Call the DHSS ERC (800-392-0272) after submitting the request to ensure the request receives prompt attention.
    • Information on the types of ventilators available is provided on the SEMA website — scroll to the bottom of the page.
    • The state ventilator cache plan documents are located in EMResource in the document library.
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