Capital_headerThrough our representation and advocacy responsibilities, MHA represents the interests of our members in the legislative and executive branches of federal, state and local governments. MHA staff coordinates federal advocacy initiatives with the American Hospital Association. MHA also provides leadership in the Missouri General Assembly by supporting legislation beneficial to the hospital community, and opposing legislation that is detrimental to Missouri’s hospitals.

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Policy Briefs

Recently released policy briefs discuss the impact the American Health Care Act could have on Medicaid nonexpansion states like Missouri, and Missourians with preexisting conditions. The most recently released policy brief is designed to help policymakers understand the BCRA’s influence on the states that did not expand Medicaid and illuminate the significant federal funding inequity that exists.

MHA Members Visit Federal Representatives

In 2017, MHA members and staff met with Missouri’s congressional health staff in Washington, D.C. The following materials were used to shape the discussion.

Hospital members shared information on various issues being discussed by Congress and the executive branch. Materials for the May visit, and the rural-focused September visit, are available.

Summary of the 2018 Missouri General Assembly

MHA published an issue brief that summarizes the 2018 legislative session. It describes the outcomes of various legislative proposals affecting hospitals and health care.

Missouri Health Matters

Missouri Health Matters is an online community of thousands of Missourians dedicated to improving health care in the state. Missouri Health Matters’ goal is to provide news and research to help our community build a better understanding of the issues and to offer tools to help you make a difference.

Hospitals in Missouri Congressional Districts

The following lists shows the congressional district for all Missouri hospitals. Click here to view an interactive map of Missouri's congressional districts.

Missouri Representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives

Missouri Senators in the U.S. Senate

Missouri State Representatives and Senators

Visit Missouri Health Matters to email state lawmakers about state legislation affecting health care in Missouri.