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Hospital-Specific Determinants of Health Dashboards

The Hospital Industry Data Institute provides a series of hospital-specific Determinants of Health Dashboards to enable hospitals to better understand and manage health disparities and service delivery across diverse patient demographics.

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In January 2023, the dashboard series introduced explorers for Hospital, Social Determinants of Health and optional Risk-adjusted outcomes, which aligned with The Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services integration of health care equity standards into their health care accreditation and payment programs. May 1, 2024, HIDI will launch enhancements to the dashboards that offer in-depth, stratified analyses of hospital utilization, geographical disparities, maternal and child health, and the impacts of specific conditions on patient readmissions and mortality. These resources are known as the Determinants of Health Dashboards suite in Care Optics.

Developed in collaboration with stakeholders from MHA’s Strategic Quality and Health Equity committees and HIDI’s Strategic Advisory Committee, the suite of dashboards — available to HIDI-participating MHA and SLMHC members at no cost — offers hospital-specific insight into the care provided to patient populations through a sociodemographic lens.

Stratifying the administrative claims data already collected by HIDI in this way provides unprecedented value by illuminating precisely where finite resources should be allocated to make the most impact. Hospitals also gain the added benefits of peer benchmarking and visibility into potential data collection gaps.



Authorized users of HIDI’s Care Optics Business Intelligence platform can access the suite of dashboards by logging in to the HIDI Advantage User Portal.


Complete HIDI’s contact form and indicate that you’d like access to your hospital-specific Determinants of Health Dashboards through Care Optics to initiate the process. A member of the HIDI team will follow up by sending an authorization form to the email address provided, which will need to be routed to the hospital CEO for authorization.

Public-Facing Health Equity Dashboards

In addition to the Hospital-Specific Determinants of Health Dashboards, a suite of five public-facing health equity-focused dashboards is available that offers granularity in health outcomes, health factors and social determinants of health for finite population segments and geographic areas in Missouri.


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