HIDI Business Intelligence

HIDI Analytic Advantage®, a secure Web-based business intelligence platform, provides analytic offerings to hospital leaders and staff from a single point of entry. HIDI Analytic Advantage® presents reports in categories for participating hospitals’ specific reporting needs. Hospital staff has the ability to view, download and directly interact with data to assist with decisions in improving hospital operations. Business intelligence report categories include strategic planning, finance and policy, quality and community health.

Strategic Planning

  • Comprehensive information about utilization patterns and market share characteristics
  • Quarterly discharge data sorted and displayed by various characteristics
  • U.S. Census data estimates and projections for the United States, including counties and ZIP codes
  • Monthly utilization reports featuring hospital utilization by specialty area, general payer classification, emergency department and outpatient services

Finance and Policy

  • Management and productivity survey data — comparative financial, management and productivity information help improve operational efficiency; comparative data by peer group, region, hospital size, case-mix index and more
  • Analysis of proposed or implemented regulatory changes on hospital operations,  including financial margin analysis, regulatory impact studies, regulatory response to proposed rules and more
  • Annual licensing survey data used for public information, representation and advocacy
  • Seven-year trend report — multitude of annual licensing survey metrics across domains such as bed size, ownership type, hospital type, regions and congressional districts
  • Economic impact, health information technology reporting, legislative handouts, federal reimbursement allowance impact analyses and advocacy-focused reporting
  • Annual licensing survey data — used for public information, representation and advocacy, a cooperative project of MHA, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and the American Hospital Association


  • Monthly quality measure reporting
  • Quality reporting using Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality performance and safety indicators
  • Hospital-acquired conditions dashboards
  • Readmissions dashboards and reports
  • Clinical Quality Collection Portal – a flexible, full-featured, user-friendly interface for hospitals to periodically submit clinical quality measures for reporting

Community Health

  • Interactive maps specific to population and community health
  • Links to public health-focused websites and informative documents

Because all of HIDI’s reports are available in an electronic format, users can view individual reports and print selected pages or entire documents. For selected reports, users can load data into Microsoft Excel, Access or database software for easy analysis.

Subscribe to HIDI's Premier Reporting and Data Packages

HIDI's 2018 Premier Reporting and Data Packages include comprehensive, robust data reports on inpatient and outpatient statistics and utilization rates to guide hospital leaders in making informed decisions about strategic planning and marketing, finance, performance and quality improvement. By subscribing to HIDI’s 2018 Premier Reporting Package and/or the 2018 Premier Data Package, your hospital will have access to an assortment of HIDI’s most popular data products at a fraction of the price. Packages are available to hospitals participating in the HIDI discharge data submission program.

For more information on HIDI business intelligence solutions, visit HIDI’s website.