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Psychiatric Network

The purpose of the Missouri Hospital Association Psychiatric Network is to serve as a forum for collaboration among psychiatric hospitals and units.

The network provides direction and leadership in shaping the effective and efficient delivery of behavioral health care in communities throughout Missouri. Specifically, the network provides the following.

  1. A mechanism for the interchange of ideas and dissemination of information relative to behavioral health.
  2. A platform from which psychiatric hospital and unit executives may speak.
  3. Educational programs and activities to strengthen the performance of psychiatric hospitals and units.
  4. Recommendations regarding policies, programs and activities affecting psychiatric hospitals and units to MHA, the Missouri Department of Mental Health and other appropriate organizations.
  5. Effective collaboration, when appropriate, with other behavioral health and/or medical associations or coalitions in Missouri for joint advocacy on policy issues that impact the delivery of behavioral health services, workforce issues related to mental health professionals or regulatory changes.

Each hospital, as defined by 197.020 RSMo, providing inpatient psychiatric services within Missouri and is a member of MHA, is a member of the network. Hospitals are represented in the network by its CEO or his/her designee. Each hospital or system shall be limited to two members per organization. Other individuals or organizations may be invited to participate in network activities but are not members of the network. The group meets on a quarterly basis.


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