Retaining Millennials in Today's Workforce

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Tuesday, May 7
9:30 - 11 a.m.

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managers, supervisors, directors and emerging leaders that are responsible for employee turnover and retention, human resource leadership, and employee development

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The millennial generation is a force to be reckoned with. They are talented, innovative, entrepreneurial and creative. They also are highly mobile and prone to job hopping. Retaining top talent is a key business imperative, and old strategies are no longer effective.

More than 60 percent of millennials leave their company in less than three years, and their turnover is greater than any other generation. In addition, there now are more millennials than baby boomers in the workforce. Sixty percent are open to a different job, and 36 percent will look for a new job in the next year. There is no question they have their own style, attitudes and beliefs. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have a focused retention strategy to retain these important employees.

The good news is that millennials prefer to stay with the same company if given the right environment and opportunities. There are strategies and tactics that can improve retention rates.

This informative webinar will explain why millennials and other employees stay or leave, and will teach practical techniques you can use to retain the best employees.


At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • cite factors that contribute to millennial employee turnover
  • identify strategies for retaining employees
  • understand the link between leadership, employee satisfaction and turnover
  • discuss how to measure employee turnover
  • list three factors that contribute to employee motivation
  • explain the priorities of the millennial generation


Wes Pruett
HR Advisors, LLC

Wes Pruett works with small and mid-size companies who want to align their business and employees to create successful outcomes and excellent work environments. He supports companies with a wide variety of HR issues, including performance management, handbook and policy development, and compliance.

Pruett also coaches leaders and frequently uses the DiSC profile system to facilitate leadership and employee training related to communication, teamwork and other workplace challenges.