CAH CoPs 2019: Ensuring Compliance — Part IV of IV

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A four-part webinar series.

Start Time:12:00 AM
End Time:12:00 AM
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Thursday, Feb. 14
9 - 11 a.m.

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anyone involved with compliance regulations and standards, including but not limited to, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CNOs, physicians, nurses, quality improvement staff, risk managers, pharmacy staff, dieticians, compliance officers and legal counsel, ethics committee members, consumer advocates, TJC liaisons, safety officers, behavioral health and psychiatric staff, case managers, and other interested staff

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CMS regulations and interpretive guidelines serve as the basis for determining compliance. In this four-part webinar series, participants will learn CoPs details of what to do when a surveyor arrives at their facility. Additionally, every section in the CAH hospital manual will be discussed. This includes updates and 2019 proposed changes added in October 2018.

During part IV of this four-part webinar series, the CoPs sections on radiology, contracted services, emergency procedures, visitation, rehabilitation, medical records, surgical and anesthesia services, organ procurement, and CAH swing beds will be reviewed.


  • explain the informed consent elements required by CMS
  • describe the requirements for history and physicals for CAHs
  • list what must be contained in the operative report
  • discuss what CAHs must do to comply with the requirements for notification of the organ procurement agency when a patient expires
  • discuss the CMS patient rights that are afforded to patients in swing beds
  • describe the hospital visitation policy where patients must be informed


Sue Dill Calloway, J.D., MSN, R.N.
Patient Safety and Healthcare Consulting and Education Company
Columbus, Ohio

Sue Dill Calloway has been a nurse attorney and consultant for more than 30 years. Currently, she is president of Patient Safety and Healthcare Education and Consulting and was previously the chief learning officer for the Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation. She has conducted many educational programs for nurses, physicians and other health care providers. Dill Calloway has authored more than 100 books and numerous articles. She is a frequent speaker and is well known across the country in the area of health care law, risk management and patient safety.