Medicaid Expansion Update | July 16, 2020

July 16, 2020

July 16, 2020

We are just 18 days away from the chance to vote Yes on 2 on Tuesday, Aug. 4! As we heard on member call-ins held on Tuesday, hospitals throughout the state are being very active and creative in their efforts to encourage their employees and communities to vote. If you couldn't participate on the calls, here's a link to the recording.

Consider implementing some of the following activities being done by hospitals.

    Billboard at CCMH
  • In addition to asking your local Chamber of Commerce to endorse expansion, make personal calls to business leaders in your community.
  • If you have electronic billboards in front of your hospital, put a Yes on 2 on Aug. 4 message on the display.
  • Contact local radio stations to see if there is an opportunity to present Medicaid expansion information on a program.
  • "Text 10/Tell 10" – challenge your employees to text 10 people and tell 10 people about voting on Aug. 4.
  • To help people feel comfortable going to the polls to vote, donate masks to polling locations throughout the community.
  • Reach out to local church leaders to see if there are opportunities to share information with their congregations.

These are just a few activities in addition to distributing the postcards and yard signs sent to hospitals throughout the last couple of weeks. Additional yard signs and postcards are available by contacting MHA.

MHA has many resources available to promote the importance of expansion to Missouri, which are outlined below.



The campaign is encouraging use of their social media posts on your social media channels. You can access them on the campaign's Google drive

Yes on 2 is holding a virtual Get Out the Vote Rally on Thursday, July 23 at 6 p.m. Sign up here and share this information in your community.


Polling shows that messages pertaining to rural health care access and rural hospitals are strong with voters in both rural and urban areas. MHA developed resources for use in your hospital and community. We urge you to share the following information.


Medicaid Expansion PostcardIn addition to postcards and yard signs, MHA has tools available online – digital signage, social media graphics, information on voter registration and how to request an absentee ballot – to help encourage employees, volunteers and physicians to vote Yes on 2 on Aug. 4. 

Phone and text programs began in earnest last week and are ramping up as we get closer to Aug. 4. In addition, town hall and press events are occurring throughout the state, with a strong focus on African American and Latino communities. MARV, the Medicaid Ambulance Response Vehicle, will be touring the state next week to station in communities to hand out yard signs and other promotional items.            


Last week, Oklahoma narrowly passed Medicaid expansion through a ballot initiative. In that election, absentee ballot voting was very high and those voters were disproportionately in favor of expansion. Please make sure your employees know how to request an absentee or mail-in ballot. Here's information on how to request an absentee or mail-in ballot (new for some residents with COVID-19-related health concerns) and where to find polling places for in-person voting.            


Volunteering is a critical part of the Yes on 2: Healthcare for Missouri team’s efforts to get out the vote on Aug. 4. Statewide volunteer efforts include organized voter outreach via phone calls and text messages to help drive Missourians to the polls.

Encourage staff to sign up to be one of the virtual volunteers for Medicaid expansion. You can reach out directly to K.J. McDonald, Campaign Field Director, at or 417-396-2358.

Please also encourage your organization’s social media followers to volunteer! It can be as easy as sharing the volunteer link via email or on social media to get the word out.


Washington University health economist Tim McBride developed an estimate of how the roughly 231,000 Missouri adults eligible to enroll under Medicaid expansion would be distributed throughout the state by region and county.


Medicaid Eligibility Graphic The current eligibility to qualify for Medicaid in Missouri is extremely low. In polling conducted by MHA, when voters hear the current eligibility, they are more supportive of Medicaid expansion. We encourage you to use these social media graphics on current Medicaid eligibility in your social media channels. 

A PowerPoint presentation and fact sheet have been developed to use in your hospital and community about the importance of expansion. Hospitals can customize these materials as needed.

MHA also developed regional social media graphics that hospitals can use to promote the economic benefits of expansion locally. A list of counties in each region is available.

Talking points and fact sheets also are available on MHA's Medicaid expansion web page on the following topics.

  • How seniors benefit from Medicaid expansion
  • How expansion would help in the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How hospital community benefit and charity care would be affected by expansion
  • The boost to the state’s economy that will result from expansion, as researched in a study by Health Management Associates
  • A map showing rural hospital closures, in addition to facts about rural hospitals in Missouri


Television ads are running in targeted areas of the state, and targeted mail and digital for specific subgroups also have begun. The current ad can be viewed here.


The Healthcare for Missouri campaign activity in endorsements, earned media and engagement will be coordinated around the following themes. MHA will share materials you can use to promote these themes in your hospital and community.

Week 3 – July 13: Rural hospitals/women’s health care
Week 2 – July 20: 230,000 hardworking Missourians/Faith voices
Week 1 – July 27: More important than ever before – motivate base voters with human impact


MARV Stops at CCMHCarroll County Memorial Hospital, in Carrollton, hosted the Medicaid Ambulance Response Vehicle, or MARV, to spotlight the need for Medicaid expansion in Missouri. The MARV is part of the Healthcare for Missouri campaign to adopt the measure by initiative on the Aug. 4 ballot.

Jeff Tindle, CCMH CEO, said Medicaid expansion would benefit rural hospitals.

“Now more than ever, we need to ensure that no Missourian has to choose between paying for life-saving care and putting food on the table. We need to help keep rural hospitals open so that Missourians have access to care no matter where they live, and we need to protect frontline health care jobs at a time when we need them most."           

John Bustle

In a radio interview with KMAM-KMOE, 92.1 FM, John Bustle, M.D., CEO of Bates County Memorial Hospital, in Butler, explained why Medicaid expansion affects the entire community. You can listen to his interview here.

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