MHA Today | November 27, 2017

November 27, 2017
MHA Today: News for Healthcare Leaders

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November 27, 2017

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In This Issue
HIDI HealthStats — Hospital Super-Utilizers
Closing The Looming Health Care Talent Gap

What You Need To Know This Week

  • Watch for MHA’s annual Preparedness and Safety Program Assessment that will be sent to member hospitals this week.
  • Open enrollment for 2018 coverage in the health care marketplace ends on Friday, Dec. 15.
  • Watch for members of the Missouri General Assembly to begin pre-filing bills starting Friday, Dec. 1, for the 2018 legislative session.

HIDI Tech Connect

HIDI HealthStats — Hospital Super-Utilizers

Staff Contact: Mat Reidhead

The November edition of HIDI HealthStats discusses hospital super-utilizer predictive risk models.
HIDI HealthStats
During fiscal year 2016, more than 20,000 Missourians visited a hospital between 10 and 384 times. Nearly nine out of ten hospital super-utilizers were diagnosed with a chronic disease during the year and 71 percent were diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions.

Super-utilizers typically have a variety of clinical, social and behavioral complexities that add extreme difficulty to interventions designed to reduce their ED utilization. Successful patient interventions have focused on pain management, mental illness and substance abuse by investing in integrated care delivery models that provide medical, social and mental health supports.

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Workforce News

Closing The Looming Health Care Talent Gap

Staff Contact: Jill Williams

The U.S. may not be producing enough qualified doctors, nurses, specialists and health care workers to meet patients' needs, according to research from Healthforce Center at University of California, San Francisco and a recent article from the Society for Human Resource Management.

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Consider This ...

Nearly 900 Missourians have tested positive for the flu this season, compared to about 250 cases during the same time last year.

Source: Missourinet