Two Missouri Hospitals Recognized For Quality Improvement Achievements

November 6, 2017
Two Missouri hospital organizations have been recognized with the Aim for Excellence Award for delivery of improved population health, patient outcomes and experience, and value of care. The award recognizes progress toward the Triple Aim — better health, improved care and lower cost.

The awards were presented at the Installation and Recognition Banquet on Thursday, Nov. 2, during the Missouri Hospital Association’s 95th Annual Convention & Trade Show in Osage Beach, Mo.

“The Aim for Excellence Award embodies Missouri hospitals’ commitment to the improving care through Triple Aim,” said Herb B. Kuhn, MHA President and CEO. “These hospitals have made remarkable progress and are setting the example of how to build a more effective health delivery system.”

Capital Region Medical Center in Jefferson City, Mo. was recognized with an Aim for Excellence Award for Clinical Excellence among Small and Large Metropolitan Statistical Area Hospitals.

AFE_CRMCCapital Region Medical Center’s goal was to improve care for patients and improve overall community health while preparing the system for larger shifts in quality and payment systems. These efforts were community health focused, which included increasing screening and vaccination rates and required significant alignment of clinicians and data. The program included three strategies, including accurate data capture, transparency to improve clinician competition for results and senior leadership engagement. During the program, there was a significant increase in the percent of patients who received vaccination and screening, and every category exceeded the target goal. The program allowed system-wide improvement in clinical metric communication and led to improvement throughout the care team, with the patient as the primary beneficiary.

Northeast Regional Medical Center in Kirksville, Mo. was recognized with an Aim for Excellence Award for Clinical Excellence by a Care Collaborative or Health System.

AFE_NRMCNortheast Regional Medical Center’s efforts to reduce sepsis began through a program launched in 2006. The first effort generated some success, but didn’t prove sustainable. However, in 2015 a more focused set of interventions was identified, including better identification of sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock, and provider knowledge of the appropriate interventions that increase survival. These goals were hard-wired into all practitioner education, and an algorithm and pocket guide were developed to support sepsis identification. The program was effective in reducing sepsis-related mortality rates from 21 percent in 2014 to 18 percent in 2015. By 2016, the program had reduced rates to 13 percent, exceeding the target of decreasing sepsis-related mortality by 5 percent in five years and sustaining the rate.

“These awards recognize progress for specific hospitals or systems,” Kuhn said. “However, the systems that are developed are transferable. As hospitals continue to learn how to improve care by emulating best practices that work in other organizations, health care delivery and patient health improve overall.”

View the video honoring the winner's efforts here.