MHA Today | May 2, 2017

May 2, 2017

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State House Adds 20 Amendments To Advanced Directive Bill
careLearning Celebrates 17th Anniversary

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State House Adds 20 Amendments To Advanced Directive Bill

Staff Contacts: Daniel Landon or Ted Wedel

Last Thursday, the state House of Representatives debated Senate Bill 50, an uncontroversial bill authorizing the creation of a state-sponsored registry of advanced directives. The House added 20 amendments to the bill. Yesterday, the House returned the bill to the Senate. The bill is expected to be the subject of negotiations to develop a final version that can be ratified by both chambers.

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careLearning Celebrates 17th Anniversary

Staff Contact: Meredith Kenyon

This week, careLearning celebrates its 17th Anniversary. careLearning is a non-profit organization that was formed, and is operated, by more than 40 state hospital associations, including MHA. Their competency, eLearning and performance products are developed to ensure that hospital employees are provided with the appropriate training and education based on an assessment of skills, knowledge and abilities.

In St. Louis, carelearning has approximately 3,000 students using the comprehensive clinical rotation careLearning Passport Program that allows students to complete all regulatory training and any hospital-specific courses before reporting for clinical rotations. careLearning’s annual user group meeting, held June 19-20, is an ideal setting to obtain product training, network with other health care organizations using careLearning products, and gain a better understanding of all the options, features and services that have been designed to save time and money. A free, 45-minute informational webinar about the careLearning system is available.

Missouri careLearning statistics include the following.

  • 30 participating users
  • 11 have been with careLearning for more than 10 years
  • The average MHA-member hospital has been with careLearning for almost nine years
  • 18,546 employees are using careLearning to meet compliance standards, with more than 358,419 individual course registrations

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Consider This ...

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. Barely half of the 86 million Americans with high blood pressure have it under control.

Source: American Heart Association