Patient Safety Awareness Week 2017

March 30, 2017
Williams, Alison Author: Alison Williams, MHA Vice President of Clinical Quality Improvement

Patient safety is an everyday event at hospitals. However, to educate, celebrate and showcase hospitals’ work in improving care and protecting patients, MHA used national Patient Safety Awareness Week 2017 as a vehicle to tell the hospital quality story. Between March 12 and 18, each edition of MHA Today highlighted a Missouri hospital’s NPSW activities and a program the hospital has implemented to promote quality and patient safety.

We’re proud to partner with hospitals on their quality and patient safety journey. Throughout the last decade, MHA has helped support improvement efforts through a multitude of platforms, including, but not limited to, the Hospital Engagement Network, HEN 2.0, Hospital Improvement Innovation Network, FLEX and STRIVE grants, and an expanding array of immersion projects. In addition, MHA has worked with hospitals to expand hospital and community resilience through the S.A.F.E.R. Initiative. SoakUp

These initiatives are only as successful as the administrators and front-line caregivers who adopt and expand them into the organization’s culture. Next week, MHA will release a new report on quality improvement finds that this work is bringing real value to the patient hospitals’ serve.

The work continues. HIIN participating hospitals are learning how the use of a simple, three step tool can be used by front-line staff to reduce complication risks. The UP Campaign — Wake Up, Get Up, Soap Up — is a memorable tool to assist front-line staff in thinking about patient safety and improved quality. These evidenced-based practices lead to better health outcomes through patient alertness, patient mobility and hand hygiene practices.

The UP Campaign isn’t just for HIIN hospitals. MHA encourages all hospitals to use UP Campaign concepts to improve quality and safety for patients.

Learn more about what hospital throughout the state are doing to protect patients and improve quality by reviewing MHA Today editions released throughout NPSW.