About MHA

MHA BuildingSince its creation in 1922, MHA has grown from 50 to 144 member hospitals. As a not-for-profit membership association, MHA represents every acute care hospital in the state, as well as most of the federal and state hospitals and rehabilitation and psychiatric care facilities.

Just as our member hospitals have broadened their scope to embrace the continuum of health care services, MHA also has expanded its services to members' needs and expectations throughout its history. In addition to representation and advocacy on behalf of its members, the association offers continuing education programs on current health care topics and seeks to educate the public and the media, as well as legislative representatives, about health care issues.

Annual Report

MHA’s 2017 Report of Accomplishments

MHA is building for the future. Of course no one knows for certain what the future holds, but when you realize you have the power and responsibility to shape the future, uncertainty transforms into an opportunity for action. We can't predict the future. We can prepare for and shape it. Download this year’s report.


  • EXCELLENCE — The Missouri Hospital Association is committed to exceptional individual and organizational performance.
  • RESPECT — The Missouri Hospital Association respects the knowledge, commitment and diversity of its employees.
  • DIVERSITY — The Missouri Hospital Association respects the unique qualities of its members, their employees and the communities they serve.
  • VALUE — The Missouri Hospital Association strives to understand its members’ needs and to exceed their expectations.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY — The Missouri Hospital Association honors the trust of its members and provides wise stewardship of their resources.