Health Equity

Despite continued analysis demonstrating unequal outcomes, and an abundance of reports and resources available, disparate health outcomes are worsening for some populations and clinical conditions. The 2014 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report and 2013 Missouri data indicate that the state is ranked 33rd in the nation for overall quality and health equity.

MHA has pledged to address health equity with a one-year campaign through the American Hospital Association and the Institute for Diversity. MHA will analyze statewide quality outcomes by race, ethnicity and language preference to determine if a health care disparity exists, and if so, implement a plan to address the gap. These activities provide the opportunity to demonstrate the commitment to health equity and population health by Missouri hospitals, thereby increasing the value of hospitals to Missouri communities.

Please visit the below websites for additional state and national resources to eliminate health care disparities.

MHA Health Equity Webinar Series

Webinar #1
The Case for Health Equity
PowerPoint | Recording

Webinar #2
Disparity in Diabetes
PowerPoint | Recording

Webinar #3
Improving Health Equity Through REaL Data Collection and Analysis
PowerPoint | Recording

Webinar #4
Strategies for Cultural Competence
PowerPoint | Recording

Additional Resources