Quality Initiatives

Missouri hospitals will continue their work to protect patients from harm and improve care delivery through the newly established Hospital Improvement and Innovation Network. The HIIN Program builds on the successful patient harm and readmissions reduction efforts of the Hospital Engagement Network Program and HEN 2.0, as well as the ongoing work of quality improvement organizations.

The Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (FLEX) Program is a federal funding program that aims at working with rural hospitals to stabilize and sustain their local health care infrastructure. The goal of the FLEX grant is to improve the quality of care and financial and operational performance, as well as manage population health needs.

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PSOCalendarPicThe Missouri Hospital Association, VizientTM Patient Safety Organization and Healthcare Services Group will provide a full suite of expertise, tools and offerings to improve quality, patient safety and care coordination. This comprehensive program elevates hospitals’ patient safety initiatives through a wide range of patient safety activities, including:
  • Best practices exchange – networking opportunities, webinars, annual meeting and quarterly calls
  • Legal protections – services that maximize available legal protections
  • Tailored solutions – customized PSO applications and solutions to meet unique hospital needs

NEW! Download the 2017 PSO Calendar. Contact Jessica Schoenthal, Collaborative Advisor for the Vizient PSO, to register.

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Strategic Quality Initiatives Resource Library

The following books and guides are available for check out by MHA member hospitals. These resources will help your hospital continue to identify and improve gaps in quality improvement. Topics include patient and family engagement, health care data, quality improvement, lean six sigma, overcoming change and work/life balance, etc.

Upon request, books will be mailed and can be checked out for a three-week period. Check out is free. For book requests and questions, contact Kristy Strope at kstrope@mhanet.com or 573-893-3700, ext. 1307.

Quality Improvement

  • Common Knowledge: How Companies Thrive By Sharing What They Know. Nancy M. Dixon. ISBN 978-0875849041. 188 pages.
  • From Good To Great, Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t. Jim Collins. ISBN 978-0066620992. 300 pages.
  • The Healthcare Quality Handbook: A Professional Resource and Study Guide, 27th Edition. Janet Brown. Hardwiring Excellence- Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference. Quint Studer.2003. ISBN 978-0-97449986-0-2. 277 pages.
  • A Culture Of High Performance- Achieving Higher Quality at a Lower Cost. Quint Studer. 2013. ISBN 978-1-622-18003-5. 283 pages.
  • 10 Powerful Ideas For Improving Patient Care Book 3. Maureen Bisognano and Robert Lloyd with Dan Schummers. ISBN- 978-1-56793-266-9. 78 pages.
  • 10 Powerful Ideas For Improving Patient Care Book 4: Maureen Bisognano and Robert Lloyd with Dan Schummers. ISBN-978-1-56793-287-4. 70 pages.
  • 10 Powerful Ideas For Improving Patient Care: James L. Reinertsen and Wim Schellekens with Dan Schummers. ISBN-978-156793248-5. 74 pages.
  • 10 More Powerful Ideas For Improving Patient Care: Maureen Bisognano and Robert Lloyd with Dan Schummers. ISBN-1-56793-236-3. 78 pages.
  • Value By Design – Developing Clinical Microsystems to Achieve Organizational Excellence: Eugene C. Nelson, Paul B. Batalden, Marjorie M. Godfrey and Joel S. Lazar. 2014. ISBN-678-0-470-38534-0. 346 pages.
  • The Value of Close Calls in Improving Patient Safety – Learning How to Avoid and Mitigate Patient Harm: Joint Commission Resources. ISBN-678-1-59940-415-8. 2011. 182 pages.
  • Return on Process (ROP) – Getting Real Performance Results from Process Improvement: Michael West. 2013. ISBN-678-1-4398-8639-7.352 pages.
  • The Healthcare Quality Book – Vision, Strategy, and Tools: Scott B. Ransom, Maulik S. Joshi and David B. Nash. ISBN-1-56793-224-X. 2005. 495 pages.

Data and Analytics

  • The Health Care Data Guide: Learning from Data for Improvement. Lloyd P. Provost and Sandra K. Murray. ISBN 978-0470902585. 480 pages.
  • Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement: Trevor L. Strome. ISBN978-1-118-51969-1. 2013. 226 pages.

Patient and Family Engagement

  • The HCAHPS Handbook 2- Tactics to Improve Quality and the Patient Experience. Lyn Ketelsen, Karen Cook, Bekki Kennedy- Studer Group. 2014. ISBN 978-1-622-18009-7. 425 pages.
  • The Putting Patients First Field Guide- Global Lessons in Designing and Implementing Patient-Centered Care. Margaret Gerteis, Susan Edgman-Levitan, Jennifer Daley, Thomas L. Delbanco. 1993. ISBN 978-1-118-444494-8. 269 pages.
  • Putting Patients First- Designing and Practicing Patient-Centered Care. Susan B. Frampton, Laura Gilpin and Patrick A. Charmel. 2003. ISBN 0-7879-6412-3. 313 pages.
  • Putting Patients First- Best Practices in Patient-Centered Care. Second Edition. Susan B. Frampton and Patrick A. Charmel. 2009. ISBN 978-0-470-37702-4. 304 pages.
  • Through the Patient’s Eyes-Understanding and Promoting Patient-Centered Care. Margaret Gerteis, Susan Edgman-Levitan, Jennifer Daley, Thomas L. Delbanco. 1993. ISBN 1-55542-544-5. 296 pages.
  • Let Patients Help! “e-patient Dave” de Bronkart and Danny Sands. 2013. ISBN 978-1-466306493. 78 pages.
  • A Roadmap for Patient and Family Engagement in Healthcare. Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. 2014. 67 pages.
  • Patient-Centered Care Improvement Guide. Picker Institute. 2008. 215 pages.
  • Questioning Protocol: Randi Redmond Oster. ISBN-978-0-9899120-0-6. 2014. 288 pages.

Hospital Leadership

  • The Healthcare Imperative – Lowering Costs and Improving Outcome: The Institute of Medicine Of The National Academes. 2010. ISBN-978-0-309-14433-9. 631 pages.

Lean Six Sigma

  • The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook: A Quick Reference Guide to 100 Tools for Improving Quality, Speed, and Complexity. Michael L. George, David Rowlands, Mark Price and John Maxey. ISBN 978-0071441193. 225 pages.

Change Management

  • How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work: Seven Languages for Transformation. Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey. ISBN 978-0787963781. 256 pages.
  • Made to Stick. Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. Chip Health and Dan Heath. ISBN 978-1400064281. 291 pages.

Work/Life Balance

  • Decisive: How to Make Better Choices In Life and Work. Chip Heath and Dan Heath. ISBN 978-0307956392. 336 pages.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Crisis Standards of Care. A Toolkit for Indicators and Triggers. Institute of Medicine of The National Academies. Board of Health Science Policy. Dan Hanfling, John L. Hick, and Clare Stroud. 2013. ISBN 978-0-309-28552-0. 183 pages.
  • Crisis Standards of Care. A Systems Framework for Catastrophic Disaster Response. Institute of Medicine of The National Academies. Board of Health Science Policy. Dan Hanfling, Bruce M. Altevogt, Kristin Viswanathan, Lawrence O. Gostin. 2012. ISBN 9778-0-309-25346-8. (Set of seven small books.)
  • The 9/11 Commission Report. Final Report of the National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States. Thomas H. Kean, et al. 2004. ISBN 978-0-393-06041-6. 428 pages.